Salt Creative | Architectural Visualization

Communicating the unbuilt architectural space.

Visualization for Architects, Developers & Designers

We create, invent and explore the architectural identity of each individual project. Our work philosophy focuses on the creation of natural viewpoints that relate to a sense of time and space and are appealing as an artistic creation and as a photographic interpretation of the building design and its surroundings. We rely on cinematic techniques as color, lighting and composition to convey moods and transmit unique stories and concepts through our images.

Tiago Esteves


Tiago is a design architect with extensive experience in architecture design and visualization. He has worked for several years in architectural firms both in Portugal and Australia. He is also a graduated music composer and the lead singer in a Portuguese rock band. He is a creative thinker who shares with his Co-Founder the love for surfing and traveling.

Rodrigo Vasconcelos


Rodrigo brings extensive experience in visualization and digital imaging development. He lived in the UK for over a decade, where he graduated in Photography and Electronic Imaging and worked as a Professional Photographer in the Architecture and Advertising Industry. His Photographic interpellations and artistic concepts are reflected in every Salt's image.                                                                                      

Monica Vitorino

Business Developer (UK)

Monica is an architect with over 13 years experience. Her career began in Lisboa, followed by 7 years in Belfast and now she is based in London, working for an award winning architectural practice. She shares an interest in Photography, Art and Design with both Tiago and Rodrigo. A keen runner, Monica has successfully completed several marathons, including the London Marathon.


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